WALLIS CHAMBER CHAT – April 2020                                                                          B. Halfin  03/22/20

This C-Virus has all of us coming up with novel ways to stay connected and safe.  My ‘Day Job’ has me sanctioned to work from Home and I’m practicing the six foot guideline for social separation if out in the public foraging.  The biggest take away from this situation is that soap and water are your friends!  Meanwhile, Austin County and the City of Wallis have advised to stay calm and follow the guidelines as passed down from the Governor’s Office and know all are doing everything possible to maintain support for our community.  There’s an overload of information out there, make sure you’re following reputable sources.  The basics are to wash your hands often and for 20 seconds, like we used to teach our kids.  Maintain six foot social separations; quarantine yourself if any sign of symptoms.  Don’t gather in groups greater than 10.  If you need to cough or sneezes do so into your elbow, even if you know it’s just your allergies stirring up.  Avoid fixating on the topic, get up and walk around the block, walking past someone isn’t an issue.  Do some of those chores you typically don’t have time for, such as yard work, sorting out the junk drawer or purging your closet.  If you need help, reach out and ask for it, even it’s just to talk about you concerns. Support our area business when possible, so they’ll be here when this is over. Focus on the fact that this will pass and continue to send out thoughts and prayers to those suffering directly or indirectly from this COVID-19.

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